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Artist's Biography
My name is Sherry Gore-Paglen, I am the artist responsible for the art works included in this site. Painting became my passion when after forty years of schooling, (obtaining 4 degrees), working in the business world and raising children, I became disabled. Having and inherited a love for art, I returned to it during my convalescing period, both for therapy and a new at-home career.

All of nature is art to me. Animals especially and particularly horses. I cannot explain my emotions for these remarkable and noble animals. The sight of a horse does something to me and I am utterly entrapped by the beauty of all that is a horse. It has been this way for me since I was a very small child. They, “set me dreaming”, there is no other way to say it.

Our Gin

I purchased my very first horse when I was 50 years old, so you see it is never too late to make a beautiful dream come true. When my horses greet me with a nicker and a nuzzle, when they look at me with those unforgettable big brown eyes there is no question as to where I want to be. That has been answered.

Our Dodger

More than just being our animals, my husband and I have six loveable models – two American Quarter Horses, three dogs, (German Shepherd, Cocker Spaniel and Beagle), Plus last but not least, “Lucky”, the cat. All can be viewed at this web site. Our small eleven acre ranch, (The Lost Five), and art studio overlook the beautiful Sequatchie Valley in Tennessee.

Our Angel

The style with which I paint would be considered realistic. Beginning with a detailed sketch of an animal and at least a rough sketch of the background. Capturing first the eyes of the subject with as much detail as possible. The eyes are the window to the soul, this is most important to me. I then detail the head, followed by the body and the background. I have been asked on several occasions if my painting was a photograph. I knew then that my goal and intention was accomplished.

My work has been critiqued by Art Professors, Professional Artists and more importantly accepted by the public, both in showings and commissioned assignments. My medium of choice is acrylics, which I paint on stretched canvas, 100% rag watercolor paper or board. I also paint with colored pencil, pastels, watercolor pencils and sketches.

Our Lucky

These pages should change as I add new artwork of my animals, commissioned works, and nature that surrounds us in the beautiful Sequatchie Valley.

The animals that share the ranch with us everyday are pictured here thoughout this page.

See my contact page for information on commissioned work, and more information about painting your beloved animals.

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